4 Simple Ways to Stop Hating Your Job

Because Sallie Mae won’t stop calling and you need the coins

We talked with a few people from our Mogul Fam community about their current job status, and the people that reported hating their job said it was because one of the following:

  1. It’s boring
  2. It doesn’t pay enough
  3. Their boss is the devil in disguise
  4. Their role isn’t challenging or doesn’t speak to their passion
  5. All of the above

If you have one of the issues above with your job, you may find it hard and damn right depressing to get up each day to go to work, but you do so anyway because it’s hard to just abruptly chunk the deuces.

So what can you do?

Change the way you think about your nine-to-five by switching up your mind-set! Here are 4 simple ways to do this:

1. Don’t Neglect Your “Me” Time

Studies show that when you find time to do things you enjoy, and take care of yourself, it brings forth positive energy and makes you happy. The happier that you are outside of work, the more likely you’ll be able to channel that same energy at your job. Each day, you should be intentional with your “me” time and should (at a minimum) put aside 2 hours a day for YOU.

2. Quit Talking Shit

You know those moments when you trash talk your boss and your job alllll the time to your friends, fam, and anyone that will listen? Yeah, that’s not helping at all. Instead of using your personal time to constantly bad mouth your job, leave the shit talking at a minimum and talk about things that bring you joy and peace. It’s not helping you or your spirit to harp on the negative.

3. Find The [One] Good Thing

So yes your current job may not be your dream job, but surely it has at least ONE positive aspect. Maybe it’s the fact that your job helps you to not live paycheck to paycheck. Maybe it’s the fact that your commute is short AF and you don’t have to drive a long way each day. Or maybe your job may suck at times, but the tasks you do day to day will look good on your resume. 9.999 times out 10 it’s SOMETHING good about your current job; you just have to take time to not focus on the negative to find the silver lining.

4. Ask For Something New

Been a while since you’ve had a change in your day to day responsibilities? If so, maybe that’s why you dread coming to work each day. Try looking for ways to expand your responsibilities; not only will this show major initiative, but having something fresh on your to do list could challenge you, keep you inspired, and make you feel more important.