5 Food Entrepreneurs to Follow on Instagram Now

One industry that will never be extinct is the food industry.

No matter what the occasion is, people will find a reason to eat.

For years people have built empires around their love for the grub – whether that is starting a restaurant, creating cook books, or food products. Currently, some food entrepreneurs are even building their empire after gaining traction and influence from their blogs, vlogs, or social media profiles.

Here, we are recongnizing 5 influential food entrepreneurs who are out here creating their own lanes and becoming their own version of a Mogul Millennial.

Follow them now for inspiration (and of course for some mouth-watering food pics!).

photocred: Twitter

1. Darius Cooks

If you’ve ever seen the infamous Collard Green and Cornbread cake, then you know who Darius Cooks is!

photocred: Twitter

Darius started out as a food blogger, but now he is also an author with a best-selling cookbook, and the owner of one of Atlanta’s tastiest restaurants – Greens and Gravy.


photocred: tasteofdc

2. Meshach Cisero

Meschach Cisero (better known as Chef Cisero), is a celebrity chef and Co-owner/Exec Chef of DC’s newest restaurant @cagedbirddc! Cisero started out as a food blogger and caterer and is now one of the most sought after chef’s in DC.


3. Jenné Claiborne

Vegan chef, Author, Youtuber, and Blogger Jenné Claiborne also known as Sweet Potato Soul is one of my favorite food influencers on social media right now. I first found her on YouTube during my vegan food journey, and have continued to follow her and try out her delicious recipes. Whether or not you are vegan, Jenné is someone you should definitely follow – she literally makes every post look beyond amazing and slap yo momma good.

photocred: cravedfw

4. Valery Jean-Bart

If you are from Dallas, you already know about Val’s Cheesecakes. If you don’t, save this post, and head down highway 75 so you can have a piece of cheesecake heaven.

photocred: NomzPlz

Val started making cheesecake years ago with his mother as she battled terminal breast cancer. After her passing, he continued to do so to honor her legacy. Since then, Val has opened up two brick and mortar locations in Dallas, and is a cheesecake supplier for some of Dallas’ most prominent stores.

I’ve been to Val’s Cheesecakes countless of times and I have never had one slice (or jar) of cheesecake that has not taken my taste buds to another level.

Pro tip: Get the Lover’s Lane and the Brisket Cheesecake (you won’t be sorry)!

photocred: Instagram

5. Lauren “Lo” Michelle

I met Lauren during graduate school as she was apart of my group project. During one of our group project meetings, she brought the tastiest key lime cupcakes I’ve ever had (and quite frankly one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had – period). From there, I decided to follow her business page on Instagram and have been inspired by her. Since we met a few years back, Lauren has continuously grown her baking business (Sweet Thangs By Lo) and has created a line of spices, The Belle Pantry. If you are not following her and her business page, do so now – she is definitely a Mogul Millennial to follow!