Doing It For the Culture – Chamillionaire Pledges to Invest $10K in a Black Founder’s Company

Every day more Black millennials are taking the path less traveled and into the world of entrepreneurship.

Consequently, as more Black entrepreneurs enter the startup world, talks of more investors backing Black entrepreneurs are increasing.

Recently, Grammy award-winning artist turned tech unicorn Chamillionaire announced on social media his plan to invest $10,000 in a Black founder’s company.

This kind of financial support is phenomenal as Black founders have struggled to accumulate capital to finance their startup or expand their business for years.

“In my circle of peers, we’ve been having a lot of conversations about better ways that we can support black founders and entrepreneurs and ways we can invest more money back into our communities,” Chamillionaire said in on his Instagram and Twitter.

To be considered, you must download the Convoz app and send a 15-second pitch video to Chamillionaire.

Chamillionaire will pick a winner on March 1st.

Good luck!

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Written by Mogul Millennial Staff