Entrepreneurs Need More Than Passion to Succeed

Several times online I’ve seen the quote “follow your passion and success will follow” and honestly I think this quote it’s BS.

This quote easily implies that having passion is enough to succeed, but having passion isn’t nearly enough. Just because you’re passionate about having a career in XYZ industry or starting a business doesn’t mean the coins will automatically start flowing your way.

It just doesn’t work like that.

In order to succeed, you need to have grit, strategy, confidence, and the work ethic of a hustler. Too many of us find our “passion” and start mindlessly working.

We build our career or our business solely on passion, but there is no solid strategy in place. There is no true hard work being done. Instead, we put in long hours on a work strategy that is unclear or weak, start stressing, and lose sleep – all so we can brag about being “team no sleep”, and show the world that we are hustling hard and working on our passions.

But when this happens, are you hustling hard or hustling stupid?

Hustling hard has so much to do with your success, and having passion for what you pursue is key, but hustling smart has to be the prerequisite.

Hustle beats passion when passion doesn’t hustle.

People might point to passion as the one thing that helped them launch their startup, muster the courage to walk off a dead-end job, or overcome the insurmountable challenges that entrepreneurship brings. But simply pointing to passion oversimplifies and doesn’t give enough credit to the process.  If you want to succeed in business, you’ll need more than passion. You need hustle, smart hustling characteristics that is.

Smart hustlers know that their “passion” must be a viable idea. Does your product or service solve customers’ pain points? Is this idea something that will make you money? Are you building something that people actually want?

Smart hustlers are fueled by passion, for sure. But they also understand the importance of building a financially, viable idea.

Smart hustling is also about action, not words. “Walk it like I talk it” isn’t just a litty line from the Migos and Drake song, but it’s a way a life. Some people will talk alot of hot shit, but don’t have the work ethic to back it up. Hustling smart and being successful involves putting 100% of yourself into making your dreams come true – you can’t half-ass the effort or you’ll get half-ass results.

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When it comes down to effort, smart hustlers don’t aimlessly work on things to just to say their working. They strategically frame their efforts so that they are always progressing.

Last but not least, smart hustlers don’t wait for opportunities to come their way, they create their own. Too often, we don’t do the work because we are waiting on this, or because we don’t know how to do this. Instead of drowning in excuses, find solutions and get to work.

Smart hustlers know that they truly have the power to make ish happen. Smart hustlers are always out there, pitching themselves and their business, and actively inviting opportunities in. On the same note, hustling smart also means seizing opportunities as they become available. You never know who you will meet so you have to be aware that opportunities are all around you. Once found, you must be able to recognize these opportunities and make the most out of them.

Keep in mind, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes down to hustling smart in your career journey that’s why I’m excited to share stories from four Black millennials in February for our #HustleSmart series. In this new series, you’ll hear from four Black millennials that are making strides in entrepreneurship or on the corporate ladder. Each millennial that you’ll hear from in this upcoming series has all hustled smart to turn their passion, their dream, into a reality.

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Written by Mogul Millennial Staff