Every day I’m hustling! 6 Side Hustles Gigs That You Can Start Today

There are a few pointers that you would need to consider in order for you to start a successful side hustle/entrepreneurial venture.

It’s been a few months, or maybe years have passed by that you have worked for that awesome company but recently you started feeling like you need a little change. Or maybe you are looking for some extra seasoning to spice up your life and reclaim those bragging rights during talks with your work colleagues. Perhaps it’s the boredom that’s driving you nuts. Or you have extra time and haven’t exactly figured out what to do with it yet.

You now vow to step up and into those scary entrepreneurial shoes to hustle for that extra mullah.

There are a few pointers that you would need to consider in order for you to start a successful side hustle/entrepreneurial venture.

  1. Is it a side hustle for money or just to keep you busy during your extra hours of the day?
  2. How much of commitment are you willing to put in for your side hustle to succeed and start reaping those sweet profits?
  3. Would you require some seed capital to start off your hustle? If yes, how much is it and can you finance it all by yourself?
  4. What’s the seasonality aspect of your desired hustle’s industry? And finally….
  5. What things thrill and excite you that you would want to pursue which are out of office but still want to capitalize on them and make some extra cash? (Hobbies and Interests)

Still have no idea of a specific side-hustle? I’ve got a few ideas that might tickle you pink every time you hear the 5 pm alarm. Here we go….

Dog Walking/ Dog Sitting

This might be a cliché but come to think of it… Wouldn’t you love spending some quality time with these furry four-legged friends and get paid for it? Dogs can be pretty fun to be around. Unless of course you are asthmatic or have an allergy for fur or generally just dislike hairy creatures. According to HomeGuide dog-walkers can get paid $20 per 30-minute walk with prices ranging from $10 to upwards of $35. Hourly rates typically cost $30 to $60 depending on your location. But overall, you will pay $0.5 t0 $1 per minute to have your dog(s) walked regardless of the distance covered.


If you don’t like dogs, you might be great with children and love their company. I mean, who wouldn’t love spending their extra time getting paid looking out for these adorable mini-humans? Seeing them having a brain freeze while licking ice cream and hearing their laughter when you tickle them is just priceless. According to Care.com, babysitting rates can pay an average of $15.83. Plus, the more children you babysit at one time, the higher your profit. If you don’t know anyone looking for a babysitter, consider looking into The Bump to find out the best-rated apps and websites for Babysitting work. You can also go to Care.com. The site helps with background checks, reviews,  and payment info upfront based on your location, the number of kids, and the experience you have as a babysitter.

SEO/Digital Marketing

For those in love with marketing and copywriting, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Digital Marketing could be a  great start for you to earn something extra for spending a few minutes on the net daily. Companies pay lots of money for digital advertising on the web and social media. If you are going to spend all day online anyway, this may be an option for you to do it and get paid.

Become a tutor

What things are you really good at and people out there are willing to pay to learn? Teaching someone how to do something that you love doing is a neat way to bulge ‘em pockets. This though comes at the cost of having a thicker layer of patience to tolerate the slow-learners. Depending on what you teach, you can set your own rates.

Professional Friend

Yes, I know this sounds really weird but there are those introverts who would love to learn how to be great at friendships and improve their conversations without costing them their esteem or morale. Also, if you are famously recognised as Mr./Mrs. Goodtime, you can be contracted when you accompany someone and get paid for gracing the occasion/party. For a site such as RentAfriend you can register and get paid to party for free and being yourself, you know, Mr./Mrs Goodtimes. And if you are a good actor and happen to be in Japan, you can portray a family member on contract and get that scrillah. Visit Family Romance.

Become a Virtual Assistant (V.A.)

This is a gig that you work remotely without the need to get to the office. Tasks such as Managing Calendar, Scheduling and Rescheduling Posts for bloggers,  and Managing Email Lists can all be done by you as a Virtual Assistant in the comforts of your PJs and fluffy slippers.

FINALLY: In Albus Dumbledore’s voice “Go ye into the world and side hustle”

Written by Lucky Lordvick Oduor

Lucky Lordvick Oduor is a creative living in Nairobi, Kenya, working as an Actor, Voice Artist, Creative Writer, Commercial Model and Presenter. He is experienced in Business Development, Sales and Marketing Advertising & Copywriting, and works as a part-time Value Addition Strategist.