How I Earned 6 Figures Before 30

I’m Chanel Chase, and I am a Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Investor. In 2012, I graduated from college as the Valedictorian of my class.  I really didn’t know what I was going to do next. I hated the industry I received my degree in, and I decided to take another route. I self-taught myself a skill and became extremely valuable as an independent contractor.   I created a successful network and a great reputation. That same skill generated a 6-figure income for me and some of my friends. By 2013, I landed a six-figure career using the same exact skill set that I-taught myself. I have created multiple streams of income while working in Corporate America and have managed to secure 6 figure assets as well, while maintaining multiple savings, and investing accounts. I’m a firm believer that you can achieve whatever you put your mind too, and I’d like to share some of my secrets of creating that type of atmosphere. I’d also like to give you some inside information on how to take some of your current savings and invest to double, triple, or even quadruple your money! Make your money work for you.  That’s the ultimate goal.

Tip #1: Create the Mindset of a 6-figure Earner!

So, yeah, it sounds kind of stupid, but it’s true. Mindset is a tremendous asset to your success. It’s important to create the mentality that you can get to six figures before you actually achieve it. If it’s unbelievable to you, then, the truth is, no one else will believe that you are worth the six figures. It’s about building confidence in yourself, and it will require you to indulge in personal development. I read a lot of financial books to get my mind ready. (You can check them out at in my financial library) Personal development is key in creating the mindset. Remember, it starts in your mind and then everything else comes after! If you can conceive it, and believe it you can absolutely achieve it.

Tip #2: Build a Strong Network!

Have you ever heard the cliché that your network is your net worth? The truth is when I graduated from college, I had to connect to the right people. I’m sure someone reading this is like, “How do I get into that circle?” Well, the answer is NETWORK! I went to many events, and you can actually find free events on Eventbrite. Every person that I met I collected an email or contact information, and I followed up with those people. The fortune is in your follow up with the people that you meet.  I also offered to help in areas that I was strong in. The truth is, people want to help people that take initiative. I had drive and a lot of initiative. I wanted to build the network so bad, and one day, I built a network with the right person that gave me information to learn a new skill by myself. I learned how to become invaluable, and because of my mindset and confidence, I was able to walk and talk like I was meant to be in that space. That attitude alone took me a long way.

Tip #3: Monetize Your Skills!

Every single person on this earth has a skill. I mean, every single person. You may consider it a hobby, but the truth is God gave you a gift, talents and skills! Think about what you are good at to have a side hustle. I was great at networking and communicating with people and that is why I started off becoming a part of  network marketing companies. I also took my writing skills and charged a fee to write copy for some people. I took all the things that I just liked to do for fun, and I created a monetization strategy. The goal is to take your value and turn it into money. So, I’m sure a lot of people will say that you are not sure what you are good at. Let’s even evaluate that. What do people ask you for? When people come to you for advice, what is it that they are looking for? Is there something that you can create one time and sell it to people over and over again? What service can you provide for people who currently come to you for free advice? People came to me for resumes all the time. I was always asked to overlook them. That became a business for me. I monetized everything that I just enjoyed doing anyway. Don’t overcomplicate it. If you can think of a service that you can provide and charge $20 for, and you get 5 clients or sales a day, that is an additional $100. If you do that five days a week, then that is an extra $500 dollars. If you do that four weeks a month, that is an extra $2000 dollars that you monetized! Monetize YOUR SKILLS!

If You would like to know more of my tips, please download my free e-book: “Landing a Six-Figure Income” here: .

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Written by Chanel Chase

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