How To Start Your Health & Wellness Journey As A Busy Professional

No fat formed against me shall prosper

The road to snatchville is so hard.

Especially when you live in the South and grew up on fried porkchops and gravy and neckbones.

Especially when your whole family only eats vegetables that are cooked in those damned good salt jowls and ham hocks.

photo cred: steamy kitchen

Especially when you were never blessed with one athletic bone in your body so working out is treacherous.

And finally when the people you work with (aka spend 90% of your day with) doesn’t miss a “Donut Friday” and are notorious for bringing all types of unhealthy – yet delicious – goodies at every office potluck.

It’s like every time you look around, there are donuts here, candy here, office pizza here – and by the time you get home from work, you are mutha friggin TIRED and tell yourself you will work out ‘in a few minutes’.

Then before you know it, you don’t work out, and you have gained those unwanted bat wings on your arms, love handles around your waist, and – dare I say it – back fat.


You know you want to be summa time fine, winter time fine, spring time fine, hell LIFETIME fine, but with all of the distractions in your life and with your busy workload, you think it’s impossible.

As a busy, young professional, I have been in your shoes before, and honestly I can attest that the road to snatchville is not for the weak. Here are some ways that I started my health and wellness journey, while still managing to be bomb at work and in my personal life.

1. I come to work on time and go home on time

Gone are the days when I was the first one in the office and the last one gone. I noticed that when I was giving my job every little second of my life, I was not only burnt out, but I had no time to myself. This meant after work I was eating the easiest thing available (hello Whataburger), and I was too tired to go workout (hey extra body fat).


2. I eat breakfast

You know those fitness freaks that say ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’? Well honey they are right. Before now, I would skip breakfast because I would always oversleep (oversleeping came from being super tired from being overworked). For me, skipping breakfast meant taking a trip to the nearest vending machine in the office and wasting money and calories on bad foods that were only a temporary hunger fix. Now that I no longer slave away at work all day and night, I can get a decent night’s rest and I can wake up at a decent hour and make a smoothie or some oats.

3. I say no to lunch with work buddies and meal prep

Being from Texas I naturally LOVEEEEEE Tex Mex. There is a cute little Chipotle-inspired Tex Mex restaurant by my job that has the best bowls and nachos. For the longest, this Tex Mex restaurant WAS.MY.SPOT. My work friends and I would frequent this place at least twice a week or we would spend our hard earned coins at somE other joint. I soon learned that eating out so much was one of the culprits behind my weight gain. Instead of eating out, I started meal prepping and it allowed me to make yummy, healthy meals and save some money along the way.


4. I don’t solely rely on myself when working out

As someone with a nonexistent athletic past, certain work out routines didn’t come easy at all. When I did workout, I found myself losing zero amount of weight and not toning up at all. Later while working out with my friend turned fitness coach, I learned that my form was ALL WRONG. My friend started working out with me even more and perfected my form, and even showed me a few other exercises that would help out with my fitness/body goals.

Since then I have worked out some on my own, some with a group, and some solely with a personal trainer. Out of each experience, I can honestly say that group workouts and one on one workouts with a personal trainer are the best and most effective. Working out with other people will keep you motivated – especially during those times when working out is the last thing you want to do.

5. I prioritize and schedule the most important things in my life

As a busy professional, sometimes you will forget to do things for you. For me, my biggest fail used to be forgetting to workout or not making time to workout. In order to successfully begin my journey as a consistent, workout person, I began to schedule my workouts and wouldn’t let other events or people interrupt this schedule. Even when I would get busy at work, I would still stick to my rigid workout schedule and I would leave work on time so that I could stick to it.


What are some things that you are doing to get started/stay consistent with your fitness journey? Share below and let us know!