My Self Care Routine Is Lit… Here’s Why You Need One Too

We are currently living in the world where anthems of “can’t stop, won’t stop”, “sleep is for the weak,” and “I got six jobs, I don’t get tired!” are shouted and praised on a daily basis.

However, the truth is, you do get tired. Your weariness shows all over your face, in your attitude, and even in your quality of work. When you are constantly on the go and don’t take time out for you, you become overwhelmed and stressed out.


For me, when I’m overworked and overwhelmed, my self-care is the first thing that’s forgotten about. My mind becomes so cluttered with all of the things that I “need” to do, that I stop caring about what I eat, I find excuses to not go to the gym, and I can never make it out to Sunday Funday or happy hour with my girls because I’m “working.”

No matter how important we are at work, or how many side hustles we have, we have to remember that self-care isn’t just a cute phrase, it’s crucial. We have to stop taking the phrase “#teamnosleep” too far, and realize that when we work harder than we should, we become counterproductive. At this moment when we think we are working our butts off, our skill level decreases and our focus isn’t at 100%.  And then guess what happens after that? Yep, we forget about our own needs and wants and suffer.

So what exactly is this self-care thing and why is it important?

Self-care is the practice of taking care of your needs and wants. It is important for your physical, mental, and spiritual health.  When you ignore the things that make you feel physically, mentally, and spiritually well, your confidence, self-confidence, and attitude is affected. In order to make sure we are keeping our physical, mental, and spiritual health intact, it is critical that we take self-care more seriously and make it a priority in our lives.

For me, my main outer and inner self-care routine starts on Saturday and ends on Sunday. On Saturday, I try to catch a brunch with family or friends. Later that afternoon, I’ll do a little bit of freelance work and hop on Pinterest for some meal ideas for the upcoming week. After I’ve gotten my grocery list together, I’ll do my shopping, and then spend my night doing things I like to do, which depending on my mood can range from binge-watching “House of Lies” or sitting pretty with a few cocktails at a downtown bar.


On Sundays is when the real self-care fun starts. I love Sundays the most when it comes down to my self-care because I believe getting myself ready for the week on this day sets a positive tone for the remaining days.

My Sunday Self-Care Routine

  1. Go to church
  2. Brunch with bae
  3. Prep my meals for the week
  4. Apply an egg white and lemon juice facial
  5. Style my hair: flexi rods if I’m rockin’ extensions, a protein and hot oil treatment to prep my natural styles
  6. Enjoy a homemade bathbomb and listen to one of my favorite podcasts or music while relaxing in the tub
  7. A glass of wine (or two)
  8. Read my favorite book
  9. Work-out
  10. Write my to-do list for the week

Most importantly, I spend those three hours doing things that make me happy and that aids in my well-being.

No matter what your self-care routine looks like, it’s important that you don’t forget about yourself throughout the week.

Here are some ideas on maintaining a good self-care routine throughout the week:

1. Staying true to yourself and your fitness goals.

-If Ciara, Draya, and Teyana Taylor can have a baby and still have the body of a goddess, you can too.

2. Never go to bed angry.

-Holding in anger keeps you upset and can affect your work. Instead of bottling up that anger, get it out and move on.

3. Taking a real lunch break at work

– I never eat at my desk or in the office. I personally think that getting away from the office for 30 minutes to an hour is good for your well-being.

4. Eating home-cooked meals

-When my meal-prepped meals are gone, my crockpot and oven become my best friends. When I’m not using my crockpot, I’m known to make some type of one-pan dinner. My favorite kind involves chicken breasts and a variety of veggies, some fresh herbs, and a little olive oil. Throw it all in the baking dish, let it cook for 30-45 minutes, and then you have a yummy meal!

5. Saying no

– I am a firm believer in saying ‘no’ to the things that don’t serve me – this includes job opportunities and people. Throughout the week, things and people will come your way that are not good for your well-being. You have to learn how to say ‘no’ (or ignore them) so that your self-care process isn’t affected.

6. Getting sleep

-Sleeping is important and is crucial for your physical and mental well-being. Try to get an adequate amount of rest each night so that you are powered up for the next day.


What does your self-care routine look like? Share below and let us know!

Written by Jasmine Lacy

Jasmine is a marketing pro by day and an aspiring business owner by night. Jasmine loves all things Bey and traveling.