Need $$$ For Your Startup? Apply For Chamillionaire’s Pitch Competition To Win $25K!

Just a few months ago during Black History Month, entrepreneur, investor, and rapper Chamillionaire held a pitch contest and invested in $10K into a startup!

This time, he’s increased that amount and is partnering with E40 and Republic to invest $25K into a minority or woman-founded startup.

Here is what you need to know BEFORE you pitch:

You have to submit your pitch through an app

Per Chamillionaire, all pitches must be sent in through his app Convoz. Currently, the app is only available on iOS. Because of this, even if you don’t have an Apple phone or tablet, you cannot email the pitch or try to send it through another social network like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.

My advice, if you don’t have an Apple phone or tablet, find a friend with one, and get your pitch submitted. #noexcuses

You’ll need to use the proper hashtag to qualify

Once you’ve uploaded your pitch, be sure to include the hashtag #convozpitch in your title so that Chamillionaire, E40, and Republic can see it! If you don’t include this hashtag, the right people won’t see your pitch.

Be active & follow up

Once you properly upload your video, a judge from will respond. Per Chamillionaire, it’s mandatory that you stay active in the Convoz app by replying to the questions about your startup so that the judges (and potential customers) can understand your business.

Are you ready to submit your pitch now? The winners will be announced on June 21st!

If you need help submitting your pitch, click here and read Mandela SH Dixon, the founder of Founder Gym, explain how you can submit a 15-second pitch.

Written by Mogul Millennial Staff