No Internship? No problem! How to Develop an Amazing Resume During the Down Summer Months

As early summer months are settling in, most students are getting into a new summer routine. If you find yourself rested after the stressful spring semester but no internship in place, do not be dismayed. There are multiple ways to continue to develop your resume even without a corporate internship lined up.


Side Hustle that is. Now more than ever, we are a part of a workforce in which 37% of all adults and 50% of all millennial have a side hustle.


This should be a point of pride in your resume. To make sure this experience is front and center and elaborated to its fullest potential is important.


Side hustles often teach you ownership, discipline, simple marketing, and many other skills that show accountability and motivation to create. Whatever you do on the side; promotion, e-commerce, etc, make sure to continue to develop this consistently during the summer months. This means promoting your personal brand and continue to create new strategies.


Also, do not forget to document your journey, both your successes and struggles, to your professional development platforms, you never know who is watching.


If you are a student, you have many opportunities available to you by simply being a student. One of those opportunities is student access to grants for research. Regardless of your field of study, almost all universities have research programs in which they are looking for student assistance. Even if the professor is not willing to pay you from his or her own grant, there is research money available through the school and federally for you to use. You begin by contacting professors and asking about their research. You simply share your past experience and interest in their area of research and ask if they are looking for assistance. You will want to talk to a few professors before committing yourself to one research project. The work you do will be hands-on, cutting edge and usually very impressive for a resume as it requires the same amount of discipline, if not more, than an internship position.


As great as school curriculum can be for continues development, once you have declared a major, you tend to stay in one subject matter. While understandable, it is utterly limiting and almost detrimental. Summer is a great time to develop skill sets that are not strictly within your discipline but still compliment your area of expertise. Learning based websites such as LinkedInLearning,, and are a great way to develop skills that are the most relevant in today’s market. These skills are set up in a project like manner but structured in the form of a module. They range from a few weeks to months. The most common and useful skills include a basic understanding of coding, tools such as Microsoft Excel, and basic team management skills. Regardless of your major or industry, these websites help develop skills, build your resume and even give you a certificate that you can show to prospective employers and add to your Linkedin profile.

While summer internships are a great way to learn, thanks to the age of technology it is by no means the only way one can develop themselves. Use this opportunity to develop yourself as an entrepreneur, develop and sharpen skills that you may have been ignoring due to school priorities, and of course to get some rest and relaxation.

No Internship? No problem! How to Develop an Amazing Resume During the Down Summer Months

Written by Sina K.

Sina K is a recent graduate and Engineer at one of the top aerospace companies in the world. Along with writing, her passions include increasing minority presence in the tech and STEM community and promoting financial literacy and independence in our communities.