Want to become a career coach? Angelina Darrisaw shares gems for aspiring coaches, plus how she was able to secure her first client.

A number of factors can shape and influence the career path you choose.

One of those factors, your family history, can impact your present wellbeing as well, even though many people underestimate the power of its influence. 

For entrepreneur and career coach Angelina Darrisaw, having a deep understanding of her family history has heavily influenced her career and her mindset. From working as a Senior Manager of Digital Business Development at Viacom, to becoming a Google Digital Coach, and the CEO of C-Suite Coach (a career-coaching platform), Angelina’s family history is something that has influenced her during every part of her professional journey.

Throughout her career, Angelina Darrisaw spent years climbing the corporate ladder, but eventually, she left her booming career at Viacom to do what she does best: helping others climb the corporate ladder.

As the founder and CEO of the C-Suite Coach, Angelina provides career development resources and coaching to professionals who are looking to make a transformation in their careers. Taking this leap of faith to start her own business wasn’t an easy decision. Angelina was doing pretty well for herself before quitting her job as a Senior Manager of Digital Business Development at Viacom. She had zero debt, was getting paid well, and had a substantial amount of savings. Deciding to become an entrepreneur at a time when adulting was clearly working in her favor was a move that many people may think was too risky. However, choosing her passion over complacency, allowed Angelina to live deeper in her purpose and have a wider impact. 

Recently, the Founder of Mogul Millennial was able to chat with Angelina and she shared how her family history has played a role in her success, what aspiring career coaches should focus on before hopping into the field of coaching, and details on how she was able to secure her first client as a career coach.

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Written by Mogul Millennial Staff