What’s Your Money Personality?

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In order to better manage your money, it is important to understand the driving personality behind your financial decisions. Are you a Complicator, a Paper Chaser, a Contemplator, or a Money Monk? Knowing your money personality could help you to budget smarter, plan wiser, and feel less guilty about your spending habits.


Take the quiz below to get started.


Question 1: Which phrase do you relate to more?
A. I think more about what I have in the bank now.
B. I think more about when the next check is coming.



Question 2: Which phrase do you relate to more?
A. I tend to plan ahead.
B. I tend deal with things as they come.


See your results below













Taking the money personality quiz was the first thing Pamela had my cohort do in Dead Day Job Army, the financial course I am taking. I classified myself as a money monk, answering B to both questions given.














Although I feel like my money personality changes depending on the kind of week I am having, this quiz has helped me to understand how my habits have changed and will continue to change over time. After reading the description for money monk under the image, I do not agree with the quiz. But, I do agree with the rationale for each question response. With my personality, my salary, and where I live, I have become more reactive with my money. I understand that it can be difficult to plan for every financial situation, and I find trying to plan around hypothetical situations stresses me out. So at this point in my life I mostly react. I make sure I always have money for my essentials. Anything outside of that I handle as it comes.




Knowing my money personality has helped me to be more accepting of my spending habits. I didn’t necessarily think I had bad habits before, but I sometimes get caught up in what I think is the “right” way to handle my money according to other people and things I have read. Thanks to Pamela and this quiz, I understand that money habits are what they are and it is okay because then you just plan accordingly.


There are different money personality quizzes out there. I recommend checking them out to learn more about how you think about money (especially if this quiz doesn’t resonate with you.)

Written by Diarra Monet

Diarra is an experienced young writer who joins The Mogul Millennial excited to expand her repertoire in financial writing. She received her Bachelor of Science in Communication and Rhetorical Studies from Syracuse University where she focused on honing her writing and critical thinking skills. Originally from Dallas, TX, Diarra currently resides in New York City and takes great pride in stretching her dollars while not compromising quality purchases or her travels. In addition to traveling, Diarra enjoys various live performances, museum exhibits, and practicing film photography.