How to Tap Into Your Power Within

I am so overjoyed to have been able to sit down with Antonio Brown owner of men’s fashion brand LVL XIII. Our conversation was literally food for my soul, we discussed everything from walking in faith, making sure your actions align with the life you want to live and tapping into your POWER.

With no formal schooling or contacts in the fashion industry, Antonio had the desire to start a fashion brand. When Antonio decided, that despite his circumstances, he was going to make his dream a reality. He started with a Google search and began to realize as he continued to make steps, new opportunities and people came into his life and the universe conspired in his favor.

Through his ‘Journey’, Antonio has realized the power of walking by faith not by sight. Letting his energies guide him over logic, has led him to move from NYC to Atlanta where he found new opportunities for his business. Which helped him partner with music artist, Jason Derulo and the collection is now sold in Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.

Antonio lives by the truth that we create the world we live in, we give it power and permission to exist and that we have the power within to do so.

So of course, I wanted to know how can you tap into the power within.

  • Sustainability is at the core of it all. If you can’t sustain yourself, then how can you sustain these outward expressions. Taking care of yourself is your first job.
  • Faith: Relinquish all doubt and fear. You have to walk by faith, not by sight.
  • Self-Reflection: You have to take a look outside yourself, from an unbiased perspective assess your choices and actions. Be honest, do they align with your purpose, dreams and aspirations?
  • Realization to Actualization: Realize the changes that need to be made and actualize it into existence.
  • And lastly, SURRENDER

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Written by The Journey with Blue

Two weeks after I graduated college, I made the biggest decision of my life, instead of taking a traditional job, as society so often tells us, I decided to take a different path, one I knew I would regret if I didn’t and one that I knew I was purposed to take.Just two years before, I went on a study abroad trip to Ghana, a trip that would forever change how I saw the world and my part in it. Inspired by the spirit of the girls that I met on the trip, my best friend and I launched Bené, a luxury scarf collection committed to providing tuition, books, supplies and uniforms for the girls to continue their education. As an entrepreneur, I know the realities of the lessons, sacrifices and failures along walking in your purpose. The Journey with Blue is a talk show and community sharing the transparent stories of inspiring entrepreneurs, diving deeper into the importance of wellness as an entrepreneur and equipping you with the tools and resources needed to grow your business. So, for the fellow entrepreneur, hopeful entrepreneur or whatever road you decide to take, be encouraged knowing that you are not alone and the beauty lies within the ‘Journey’.